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Review: 'The Alienist: Angel of Darkness' is comfort food for crime junkies
May 18, 2021
Review: 'The Spanish Princess' regales in Tudor splendor
August 20, 2019
Review: 'The Poison Rose' is a wilting dalliance
June 25, 2019
Review: 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote' is brilliantly mad
May 31, 2019
Review: 'Dagon' & 'Beyond Re-Animator' get impressive Vestron treatment
July 24, 2018
Review: 'Hazlo Como Hombre' laughs off stereotypes
February 12, 2018
Review: 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' comes alive on 4K
September 29, 2017
Review: Celebrate good fun with 'Elena of Avalor'
September 13, 2017
Review: 'Everybody Loves Somebody' is a cultural celebration
June 20, 2017
Review: 'Americano' breathes fresh air into crowded subgenre
June 13, 2017
Review: Disney has another hit with 'Elena'
December 6, 2016
Best movies of 2016 that you don't know about yet: Dannette's list
January 22, 2016
Monday Mixer: Are theatrical versions of first 'Star Wars' films coming to Blu-ray?
September 21, 2015
Monday Mixer: First look at 'Zoolander 2'
August 3, 2015
Monday Morning Mixer: 'Gravity' weighs in heavily this weekend
October 7, 2013
Monday Morning Mixer: Justin Bieber as Robin?
September 16, 2013
Monday Morning Mixer: Magneto officiates Professor X's wedding
September 9, 2013
'Machete Kills' rocks harder in Spanish
May 30, 2013
Someone needs to unplug Old Navy
November 28, 2012
'Toy Story 3' coming to DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 2
August 13, 2010
'Iron Man 2' arrives on DVD/Blu-ray on September 28
July 13, 2010
First trailer for 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' debuts online
June 17, 2010
Reader Feedback: Your choices for great unappreciated films
January 12, 2010
WALL-E to discover DVD, Blu-ray on Nov. 18
August 22, 2008
Latest 'Indiana Jones' movie coming to DVD, Blu-ray on Oct. 14 [Updated]
August 12, 2008
[UPDATED] 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' coming to DVD on Apr. 1
February 5, 2008
'Harry Potter' hits DVD on December 11th
September 20, 2007
'Spider-Man 3' swings onto DVD Oct. 30
August 3, 2007
Disney announces 'Lost,' whole slate of new TV on DVD releases
May 31, 2007
'The Departed' takes home the biggest prizes of the Oscars
February 25, 2007
'Night at the Museum' comes to DVD Apr. 24
February 20, 2007
Review: Adam Sandler cooks up a winner in 'Spanglish'
April 6, 2005
'Million Dollar Baby' lands Oscar knockout
February 28, 2005
'Seinfeld' finally coming to DVD... Yada yada yada...
August 10, 2004
'Two Towers' coming in two DVD versions, in Aug. and Nov.
April 21, 2003
Brazil Has A Cow Over 'Simpsons' Episode
April 10, 2002
She’s Cruzin’ For A Bruisin’
December 7, 2001
Halle Berry Contemplates James Bond
November 30, 2001
Salma Hayek Eyes Bond Girl Role
November 26, 2001
Cruise or Cruz: How Will Their Children Spell It?
October 25, 2001
Celebrity Hearts Prove To Be Bigger Than The Emmy's
September 19, 2001
Antonio Gets Embarrassed Naked
August 31, 2001
Penelope's Tattoo Says It All
August 28, 2001
Gwyneth: The Not-So-Friendly Neighbor
July 19, 2001
'The Simpsons' First Season Coming To DVD
June 26, 2001
Penelope Cruz Doesn't Really Get Around
April 26, 2001
Julia Roberts And Adam Sandler To Team Up For Sex Flick?
April 19, 2001