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Cameron Now Shares The $20 Million Throne With Julia

Posted Tuesday, December 11, 2001 at 8:00 AM Central

by Heather Koehler

These two heart-stoppers both have a resume full of blockbusters, but now Cameron Diaz sits at the top of the highest-paid list with Julia Roberts. Ms. Diaz gets to collect $20 million for her return role in the Charlie’s Angels sequel. Until now, only America’s Sweetheart Julia has walked away with a check that size for one film.

The two fought for the same guy in My Best Friends Wedding and now the battle is for the top. Who’ll get the bigger check next? Only time will tell. But Cameron has already signed on to return as the voice of Princess Fionain Shrek’s sequel as well. She’ll take home some pocket change of around $10 million for less than a week of work, recording her lines.