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Chris Kattan Gets His Shot

Posted Monday, October 8, 2001 at 10:55 AM Central

by John Couture

Having spent the last five years hidden in the shadows of Saturday Night Live behind more noticeable stars Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan is ready for his Hollywood coming out party. And he'll get it this weekend when his starring vehicle Corky Romano takes the country by storm in tour local megaplex.

After supporting roles in Monkey Bone and A Night At The Roxbury, Chris is given the chance to prove that he's just another star in a long list of former SNL regulars that have made it big. And, apparently, Disney thinks that he's already passed the test.

Based on the positive tracking of Corky Romano, Disney has picked up another movie for Kattan to star in. The untitled movie will showcase Kattan as a figure skater who decides to follow in his father's foot steps and play hockey. He signs with a losing hockey club and turns them around, leading to a reconciliation with his estranged father. Disney, as you recall, has plenty of hockey experience after releasing Mystery, Alaska last year and bringing the movie franchise-turned NHL franchise The Mighty Ducks to fruition in the mid-1990s.