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Yahoo's '100 Movies to See' list proves they can't count or make up their minds

Posted Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 12:40 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

Yahoo! Movies recently posted their compendium of all-time great movies. They call it "100 Movies to See Before You Die." Too bad there are actually 104 films included.

They list the Lord of the Rings trilogy as one entry. Not only can't they count, but they also can't make up their minds. Their original press release included The Wild Bunch and Sullivan's Travels. As the list currently on the site shows, someone replaced them with Bringing Up Baby and The Lady Eve. That makes the total 104.

Oh well, I guess anyone can make a mistake. The list itself is a pretty good one. Here's what Yahoo! Movies exec producer Sean Phillips said of the collection:

Movies are transformative experiences and these are certainly the most transformative movies. Our hope is that Yahoo! users will post this list on their refrigerators and cross the titles off one by one. These films will entertain, inform and move you, but you'll need to see them before it's too late!

Like other film lists, there are numerous films suspiciously absent. Many prominent movie bloggers have already leveled criticism at the list. FirstShowing.net's Alex Billington said, "I think there are a few that I might argue aren't that important anymore (like Bringing Up Baby or Double Indemnity or Wild Strawberries maybe?)." Peter Sciretta of /Film wrote, "Fanboys might be angered that The Dark Knight doesn’t make the list, but I’m more angry that Star Wars is listed but not The Empire Strikes Back. Yet they included all three Lord of the Rings films as one entry."

The selections date from 1922's Nosferatu to 2001's In the Mood for Love and the aforementioned Rings trilogy. Below is the entire list -- all 104. You can click over to Yahoo! For an explanation of why you should see certain ones on the list.

Despite the oddity of 104 entries, I'm seriously contemplating Yahoo's challenge. There are many films on this list that I ashamedly have not watched and others that I saw long before I really appreciated movies. Is anyone else feeling the need for a home-run film school? Is there anyone out there that has actually seen all of these? Let us know.