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Cruis'n Blast

Nintendo Switch

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Published by Game Mill Entertainment
Rated E10+

Cruis'n makes its triumphant return to Consoles with cruis'n blast! Cruis'n first hit arcades in 1994 with cruis'n usa, set sales records, and was followed by cruis'n world and cruis'n exotic to quickly became One of the best-grossing arcade racing Series in history. The racing classic hasn't seen a new Console entry for more than a decade, but the 2017 arcade hit cruis'n blast is finally bringing the series back into the home on Nintendo Switch!

4-Player local network or split-screen multiplayer 23 different vehicles: from classic roadsters to modern hypercars, brutal off-roaders to Wild beasts All the tracks, cars, powerups and fun from the arcade hit are immediately available Tour mode offers 29 tracks across 6 cups with themes ranging from mountain rallies and city sprints to Police chases and alien invasion Collectible keys hidden on each track lead to additional cars, modes, and tracks

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