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Metal Max Xeno

PlayStation 4

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Published by Sega
Rated T

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Half a century ago, a Mother computer known as noa became sentient and almost destroyed humankind. Noa's destructive reach has even reduced asia's largest metropolis, tokio, to rubble. Explore this desolate Wasteland as talis, a casualty in this conflict, as he searches for allies and hope in a vengeance charged war against machines.

- Explore the barren desert, salvage new tanks, and upgrade them using over hundreds of parts! customize your tanks with fresh paint and the strongest firepower you can find. - The world has been devastated by a mother computer in its plan to eradicate humankind. Explore the vast desert and unite with remaining survivors to Rise against crazed machines and deadly mutants. - Noa's forces will track you down wherever you are! make a preemptive strike from inside your Tank when your foes appear, or disembark and explore dangerous stronghold on foot with your allies.

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